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Add animations to static images · By JITD


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Recent updates

Version 2.7 is Out. Better record loop tool.
Overall bug fixes. Improved the tool to record perfect loops.
2 files
Perfect loop recording tool!
A new experimental tool for recording perfects loops. Waring: This will mess the animation values, so save a prefab before. Since this app work with real time d...
2 files
Version 2.6 [Beta] is out
New version is out! Mostly is bug fixes and better performance. It have a experimental option to use multiple cores, so any feedback on this is welcome. Lots of...
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Not so small update soon
So, what was suppose to be a small update became a big update. Better performance Tons of new screen filters Fixed bugs Fixed calculations Full body tool actual...
Small update coming soon
Hey there, its been a few busy months so i didn't had any time to update this project, but soon i will be making a small update that fix some important stuff. I...
V2.5 launched!
Finally version 2.5 is here, horray! First of all, we tried to find and fix all bugs we could, but there is a lot of new stuff, so it was hard to find it all, s...
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Closer and closer of releasing V2.5
So, we are getting close to release the new version 2.5. This will bring a lot of new stuff, and more important, fixes. So, what really is v2.5? Is a milestone...
Improvements in the next update.
Been working to fix and add new things in the app. This is some of it. Fixed particles Added 3D scenes Fixed two or more shapes overlapping, creating weird resu...