Would you like to see this on steam?

Would you like to see pic2jelly on steam or its all the same for you?

If yes, what changes you would like to see before releasing there?

I'm not sure how steam is handling free codes right now, but my wish is to give a copy in steam for each purchase here.

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I could buy it, because it would be easier for me to buy, added: I do not speak English so I used the translator to say this, well my English level is not very good, but I could buy the application from there once they finish this quarantine

No, absolutely not

Definitely, going on steam would get you more attention and sales!  I'm all for it as long as we don't lose updates through here :)

 (though if the free steam keys workout that would be awesome)

Yep, i love itchio and don't plan to abandon it even if we go steam as well.

I personally don't have a strong opinion one way or the other, but I imagine you'd get more sales by also selling through Steam.

As for changes one that I would really like to see implemented would be an option to increase/decrease or edit an effect while recording without filling up the view. The UI also has issues with rescaling when you resize the window sometimes too, which can be tricky as you need to save your work and reset the program to fix it.

Thanks for feedback. Yes, the objective is getting a few more sales so i could spend more time updating this app.

The effect editor window should not appear in the recordings, this is a bug or are you using a external tool for recording? In any case is a good suggestion to make the too window less intrusive.

Good catch on the UI rescaling bug, if time permit I will be releasing a update in a few weeks, will try to fix that.