Version 2.6 [Beta] is out

New version is out!

Mostly is bug fixes and better performance.

It have a experimental option to use multiple cores, so any feedback on this is welcome.

Lots of post effects for some funky results.

The full body tool is the cool new thing. Use it around the body to add an overall movement to the image, it can be used multiple times, for example, one for the head and one for the rest of the body. They can overlay to do some nice effects.


Pic2Jelly 2.6 [Beta] 64x 107 MB
Jun 07, 2019
Pic2Jelly 2.6 [Beta] 86x 105 MB
Jun 07, 2019

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Another two problems I found. If two of the same effect (soft/full body, etc.) touch/overlap. one of them will turn black/cut one of the effects and stop loading the image. The talking doesn't work either, and I used wavs.

This is a strange bug, but I think i fixed it. soft and full body should be able to overlap without a problem. Will upload a new version in the next half hour

This version also should have touch/grab working and you can use +- on the keyboard for the zoom.

The talking bug is a little more complex to fix, will try to do a update on that soon.

Yeah, soft and full body work but not when two softs or two full body overlap. And thanks again.

It should be working now i hope. Plus the zoom with +- and touch/grab

The zoom still doesn't work, only to zoom out and not actually zoom. But everything else works well

Try the numpad keys (if you have). Will take a look to see why is not working on the other set.

So far, I only had several problems with it. For example, poke/grab don't work. And can't zoom since my mouse doesn't have a normal scroll (having the option to change the zoom would be nice). 

Thanks for the feedback. Already found what broke the poke/grab and fixed it. Will make another button to use zoom in the next update.


Thanks for hearing me out.