Perfect loop recording tool!

A new experimental tool for recording perfects loops.

Waring: This will mess the animation values, so save a prefab before.

Since this app work with real time dynamics and a lot of parameters, chances are that your animation will never do a perfect animation loop.

Activating this tool, it will attempt to sync all the parameters to create a perfect animation loop.

It will also deactivate stuff like post-effect, that would not sync with the animation.

At last, once you hit record, it will attempt to automatic stop recording after a perfect loop. Creating a seamless gif/web/mp4

So, here is the tutorial:

  1. Do your animation as always.
  2. Save the animation as a prefab.
  3. Open the Record Menu.
  4. Click the Loop button. This is modify your animation so it can perform a perfect loop.
  5. A new slider will appear, that you can control the overall speed of the animation.
  6. Configure the width/height, resolution and framerate of the animation.
  7. Wait for the animation to stabilize, since it still use real time physics, it will take some seconds to the animation to stabilize.
  8. Hit R/T/I to start recording, the record will stop by itself after a perfect loop.
  9.  Check the WebM folder to see if you like the results. If not, just try again.


Pic2Jelly 2.6.3 64x 107 MB
Jun 14, 2019
Pic2Jelly 2.6.3 86x 105 MB
Jun 14, 2019

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