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# Pic2Jelly!



  • You can now access the gallery with saved images from the app


  • Created a WEBGL Client, currently it can only show one image per player.
  • There is a new "Save image" Button to show the image latter on the WEBGL player.
  • To Use It:
    • Set up the image the way you want it.
    • Save the image with the "Save Image" button
    • Go to "3DImages" folder and find the created image
    • Copy the image.png and data.json files to the "3DImage" folder in the client.
    • Open index.html and test it out.

What is is?
This is a tool i being working that with 2 or 3 button presses you can add some 3D effects on your 2D images. You can just select a image from your HD and import in the tool, with some clicks it will generate a 3D version of that image.

How it work?

Just see the video tutorial explaining how to make the tool work.

Free Version:

It contains only one Effect you can apply to the image, other than that is exactly like the full version.

Full version:

By getting the full version the most important part is that is helping me to keep developing and improving this tool, there is stuff that i want to implement like more effects and a client. Also improve the GIF load and add webM support. By getting the full version you also can use all effects currently available on the tool.

Examples made with the tool:

[NSFW] Here is some examples images created with the tool. [NSFW]


  1. In simulation:
    Rotate the screen: WASD
    Reset Rotation: Space
    Mouse camera: Right Mouse Btn
    Interact: Left Mouse Btn
    Zoom: Mouse Scroll
    Hide Interface: F
  1. Editing Image:
  2. Create Elipses: Left Mouse Btn
    Move Screen: Right Mouse Btn
    Scroll: Mouse Scroll

More information

Published 132 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, 3D, animation, Anime, manipulation, Physics, simulation, tool


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Pic2Jelly 1.0 Free 9 MB
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Pic2Jelly WEBGL Client 6 MB if you pay $4.99 USD or more
Pic2Jelly 1.2.rar 9 MB if you pay $4.99 USD or more

Development log


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i like to have some suggestion:

1. Clean Shapes: Support feature to clean any specific ellipse.

2. Add Image: Allow to add multiple images to "Edit Shapes" window.

3. Draw Ellipse: Can you provide more tool others than draw a ellipse ?

4. Can you add voice when touching or grabbing ?

Thanks for make a great tool. 

Hey there, will see what i can do this next week.

Multiple images can be tough, but for now you can put some images together with photoshop or any other software and import as one image.

I'm not using this for the intended purpose. I keep using it on people's faces. $4.49 well spent. 5/5

Completely fair.  The important thing is to have fun with it.

I'm not using this for the intended purpose. I keep using it on people's faces. $4.49 well spent. 5/5

It looks like there isn't a way to export anything made with this, is there?


Currently i am working on a way to create a json file to go with a .exe/webgl client to show and use the files in a easy way. If there is some special request you want i can try to add it as well.


Oh. Okay.