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Select static images (jpg/png) from your HD and quickly add animations and physics effects using a set of easy tools.

Animations can be saved/loaded for later use, as well been recorded in mp4/gif format.

In the full version you get:

  • All Physics effects to be applied to your image, as well configurations options for it.
  • Full animation can be saved and loaded, so you don't need to set the animations each time you open the app.
  • Shapes can be changed to fit the image, instead of only oval shapes.
  • PNG images can be layered, to add depth to the animation and add effects to only a few layers (Multiple PNG files)
  • Multiple animations Tool:
    • Eyes: Animate the blinking effect of an eye, and add pupil animation.
    • Hair: Animate hair moving to the wind.
    • Hips: Animate hips moving.
    • Mouth: Animate a moth opening and closing, to simulate breathing or similar effect.
    • Talk: Lips can be synced to voices from your computer, so simulate talk.
    • Modifiers: Change the physics on a small area to simulate a harder surface or add a delay, to simulate hands or something similar.
  • Each tool comes with a array of effects and configurations.
  • Each configuration can be saved as a prefab, and each image can have multiple prefabs you can select to play the animations the way you want.
  • Free updates and improvements.
  • Coming soon to the full version:
    • Overlay for image, to add effects.
    • PostProduction, to add more live to the image.
    • Effects, to add more live to the image.

New in the beta version:

  • Post effects: Bloom, motion blur, color correction and depth of field
  • Screen overlay: Camcorder and rain
  • Particles: A list of particles to turn on
  • Record videos in MP4 codec
  • Dynamic shadows: Add shadows to the image
  • Minor fix and improvements

[NSFW] Here is some examples images created with the tool. [NSFW]


  1. In Play Mode:
    Rotate the screen: WASD
    Reset Rotation: Space
    Mouse camera: Right Mouse Btn
    Interact: Left Mouse Btn
    Zoom: Mouse Scroll
    Hide Interface: F
  1. Setup/Edit Image:
  2. Create Shape/Tool: Left Mouse Btn
    Move Screen: Right Mouse Btn
    Zoom: Mouse Scroll
Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tagsanimation, Anime, Erotic, Generator, Manga, Otome, Physics, Procedural Generation, Yuri
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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2.4 Beta 32x 26 MB
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2.4 Beta 64x 28 MB
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