Closer and closer of releasing V2.5

So, we are getting close to release the new version 2.5. This will bring a lot of new stuff, and more important, fixes.

So, what really is v2.5?

  • Is a milestone for the app, a stable version that contain most of the initial vision for the app.
  • The price will go to $7.50, so get it while is cheaper.
  • Hopeful less annoying bugs and glitches wile using it.
  • A full list of changes/fixes will be released with the new update.

So, what happen after this release? In truth there is a infinite amount of stuff to upgrade/add to the app, so updates will keep coming after this, sadly time always being limited and updates are slow.

Right now, the gross revenue for Pic2jelly is $1,028.31, with taxes and cuts, we got around ~$700. Not much by the time invested, but this is not a problem, since we work on it because is fun and don't feel like a job, the only problem is not being able to focus so much on this project so we don't starve to death.

After the new v2.5 we are thinking of a Steam release, to improve the revenue and get new users. Of course all buyers will get a key if we end up releasing it on steam.

Thanks for all the support, if not for your guys and gals we would not have make it until now.

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a steam release would be cool, have you considered a patreon?

I did considered a patreon, but was afraid of not being able to update it often, so in the end i didn't created one. But it still a possibility in the future.