New stuff in development

So i been busy working on a lot of fixes and new stuff for the software, it still gonna take some time to finish it, but i will try to release a WIP version as soon as i can.

This is a few stuff that will have in the new version:

  • Can select an area to record a WebM or Gif, no more need to record the entire screen.
  • Create images with multiple layers, using transparent .PNG for each layer you can create background and apply effects only to one layer. There is also option realtime shadows, to create shadow to the background and stuff.
  • New tools:
    • Eye Tool, can create bling effects, and add some life to the pupils.
    • Hair tool, add wind and other stuffs
    • Mouth tool, create a breathing effect
    • Talk tool, need to have a image with a open mouth, move lips according to a voice audio.
    • Improved physics tool
  • Prefabs, create a bunch of prefabs for a single image and select them to auto-configure all the effects with a single click.
  • Parallax, create a fake depth to transparent .png images
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes

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