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Play with Tifa, using your mouse.

Use the mouse to touch Tifa.
You can use the "Touch" and "Grab" buttons to have different actions.

On the top left you can activate some cool effects and special actions.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Anime, boobs, breasts, hentai, LÖVE, nsfw, porn, sexy, tifa


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Check out this recently released hentai game, it's AWESOME! The graphics and the lewd arts are cool.

Play here now, CLICK

Disappointed this is mislabelled as HTML5 when it's actually Unity. :(


I´m trying to figure it out how you did it... is made by flash? it has 3D?
Great job!

Deleted post

Who are you to judge a developer?
Developing a NSFW game doesn't necessarily mean that person is perverted.

And even if it did whats wrong with being a bit pervy  huh?

I mean there's a difference between being a pervert and acting like one in real life.